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Vertical Select VScode

Vertical Select VScode (1)

Vertical Select VScode

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a beloved code editor among developers for its versatility and extensive library of extensions. One such feature that can significantly enhance your coding experience is “Vertical Select.” In this article, we will explore what Vertical Select is, how to use it effectively, and its potential impact on your coding workflow.

What is Vertical Select?

Vertical Select is a feature in VS Code that allows you to select and edit code vertically. Instead of selecting entire lines, you can pick multiple characters or columns across various lines. This feature offers more precise control when editing code and is a game-changer for those who work with data tables, alignment, or need to make mass edits efficiently.

How to Use Vertical Select

Using Vertical Select is straightforward:

Activate Vertical Select: To activate Vertical Select, hold down the Alt key (or Option key on Mac) while clicking and dragging your cursor to select the columns of text you want to edit.

Edit Vertically: Once you have your selection, you can start typing or delete as needed. Your changes will be applied to all selected columns simultaneously.

Deactivate Vertical Select: After editing, release the Alt key to exit Vertical Select mode.

Boosting Productivity with Vertical Select

The advantages of Vertical Select extend to various aspects of coding:

Code Alignment

Vertical Select is incredibly useful for aligning code, such as creating neat tables or ensuring that variables line up correctly. With a horizontal selection, this can be time-consuming, but Vertical Select makes it a breeze.

Vertical Select VScode (1)

Data Manipulation

When working with data structures, Vertical Select allows you to perform operations on specific columns quickly. This is invaluable when you need to modify data across multiple lines.

Code Cleanup

Cleaning up code is made more efficient with Vertical Select. You can quickly remove or edit redundant parts of code or make changes across multiple lines with ease.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Vertical Select

To make the most of Vertical Select, consider these tips and tricks:

Keyboard Shortcut

You can use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Click and Drag to initiate Vertical Select. This is often faster than using the mouse.

Multiline Editing

Vertical Select can also be used for multiline editing. Simply select multiple lines vertically and edit them together.


Explore VS Code extensions related to Vertical Select to further enhance your experience. Some extensions offer additional functionalities and customization options.

Vertical Select in Visual Studio Code is a versatile and powerful feature that can significantly improve your coding experience. Whether you’re a front-end developer aligning CSS properties, a data scientist manipulating data, or a codebase cleaner, Vertical Select will streamline your workflow. Explore the potential of this feature, experiment with it, and see how it can revolutionize the way you work with code.

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