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Khao Yai national Park Day Tour From Bangkok

Khao Yai national Park Day Tour From Bangkok

Khao Yai national Park Day Tour From Bangkok

Khao Yai National Park stands as a nature lover’s paradise, just a day trip away from the bustling city of Bangkok. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Thailand’s first national park, filled with diverse wildlife, lush landscapes, and breathtaking waterfalls.

Getting There

Departure from Bangkok

Start your journey by making your way from the heart of Bangkok to Khao Yai. Whether by car, bus, or guided tour, the scenic drive sets the tone for the adventure ahead.

Park Highlights

Wildlife Encounters

Embark on a safari-like experience as you encounter elephants, gibbons, and various exotic bird species. The park’s rich biodiversity provides endless opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts.

Haew Suwat Waterfall

Discover the iconic Haew Suwat Waterfall, a stunning cascade featured in the film “The Beach.” Capture the moment and enjoy a refreshing break in the midst of nature.

Khao Yai national Park Day Tour From Bangkok


Jungle Trekking

Navigate through lush jungles on well-marked trails, offering both novice and experienced hikers a chance to connect with nature. Keep an eye out for unique flora and fauna along the way.

Bird Watching

Khao Yai is a haven for bird watchers. Bring your binoculars and spot a variety of bird species, including hornbills, sunbirds, and the colorful pitta.

Local Cuisine

Dining in Nature’s Ambiance

Savor local Thai cuisine amidst the park’s scenic beauty. From traditional street food to cozy cafes, experience the flavors of Thailand in a unique setting.

Your Khao Yai National Park day tour from Bangkok promises not just a getaway from city life but an immersion into the wonders of nature. Whether you seek adventure, wildlife, or tranquility, Khao Yai offers an enchanting escape just a day trip away from the vibrant energy of Bangkok.

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